Historical Pictures of Delmont (click on thumbnail)
  Enterprise School
West of Delmont
Teacher: E Buhler(Mrs. Ernest Marsh)
The back of Enterprise School  on the left Donna and Lena Sroka
Delmont, SD 
Delmont Mercantile Delmont Mercantile - Ted Frasch Manager
Sharpe letter to SD State Highway Commission 1921  Wilson Hywy Cornerstone Locations in Hutchinson Co. Wilson Hywy is now US Hwy 18   Unofficial map of the Wilson National Highway 
The Wilson Highway became US Highway 18.
Special Election Nov. '57 Telephone Franchise Ordinance Entitlement  Program for Mid-Winter Fair Feb. 15, 1928  1930 Invoice for 3 Films from Universal Film Exchanges 
1946 Vehicle Registration for 1941 Hudson Fee: $5.10  Delmont Lumber 1946 Request from J. Gustafson(carpenter) for business climate in  Delmont  Mid-Winter Fair Invitation 1928-1929 Premium List for Mid-Winter Fair Feb. 15, 1928   Letter from Delmont Fire Dept advising Red Cross of money sent for a carload of feed to be sent to  Delmont farmers

Laying The Sewer with
Levi Strid and Alvin Hanten in the trench
Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Denker
Mr. Denker was a cashier at the Security State Bank
Delmont Golf Club
membership issued
to Ernie Marsh
in 1934
D Strid giving rides for
an Opera Block Library
Open House
Auction Sale for P. Strid
about 1935
P and S Strid
Wedding Picture
in 1902


2016 Community Club Sweethearts 2016       Currently the No Place Steakhouse Middle of picture Kevin H.
below left is Hans B and Alvin H.

Early 1900 Main Street
Onion House in the background built in 1902
Early 1900 Main Street
WA Semour and Sons
Livery in foreground
A P Williams elevator in background
Cornerstone laying of
Zion Lutheran Church
Basement is already finished.
The next 8 pictures are from the Sept 28, 1961 edition of the Delmont Record.
Delmont's Diamond Jubilee was held in Sept. 1961
Sept. 28, 1961
Delmont's Diamond Jubilee
Sept. 28, 1961
Delmont's Diamond Jubilee

Sept. 28, 1961
Delmont's Diamond Jubilee
Sept. 28, 1961
Delmont's Diamond Jubilee
Sept. 28, 1961
Delmont's Diamond Jubilee
Sept. 28, 1961
Delmont's Diamond Jubilee
Sept. 28, 1961
Delmont's Diamond Jubilee
Sept. 28, 1961
Delmont's Diamond Jubilee
The next 2 pictures were in the Delmont Record of Sept. 15, 1972 announcing the last train to come through Delmont.
The pictures were taken in Armour.
      Mr. Pelton - an early mail carrier D Strid giving rides for an Opera Block Library Party Late 1990's
Customers at Dick's Marlet
On the left Suzanne C. Rose Harrington, Donna L.
Bert Singer filling his
radiator using a wash tub 
Bert was manger of the Delmont Telephone Co.
Joe Singer, Shorty Shaw, and
Charlie Gorman. A.M. Shaw was elected as the first mayor of Delmont in April 1913.
Joe Singer, Art Serr at
Fredrick Grove, Parkston 
Joe Singer, Bill Serr
Ready for 4th of July 
Fourth of July Parade 2 "Ladies" to the left are on the front float
Delmont State Bank float behind 

Parade down Main Street
the band is going home

No Place today
Stewart Sharpe Lawyer upstairs and
Pool Hall

Pool Hall - Bill Sroka

Hotel Douglas
Charlie Haisch Building
Geo D Marlot proprietor, rates $2.00 per day. Steam heat, Electric Lights

Charlie Haisch
Owner of a saloon

Jake Joachim was a real estate agent

Main Street
First building on the left is a Ford dealer, and later was the Record Office

Brian Doyle and his dog

Kenny and Don Peters

Charlie Zeigler and
Joe Singer

Farmer's Elevator
Joe Singer's first job was
for 15 an hour.
Agent: M.R. Hansen

Huntington Elevator

JM Doyle Elevator

Marsh and Mokras house
Now the lots across the street from Zion Lutheran

Methodist Church or Reservation Church
5 miles south of Delmont

Methodist Church in Delmont
Church was dedicated in the
spring of 1900.

Using horsepower to get out. Charlie Singer, Bernie Singer, and Harry Evans

Mae & Bernie Singer

Main Street
Looking west.
Early 50's
1st in Back Row is
W. Speace, 3rd in back row is E Peters, In front 1st is G. Buhler, 3rd is G. Paul

Donahue and McGuire
Livery and Feed Barn

Brian Doyle owner of the elevator and an auctioneer
Betty B. Marlys G. Marleene  B., Maxine W.
taken in 1958. The girls were seniors. Picture taken for the annual.
A and D Nelson's
First Delmont School Looking south down Broadway      Delmont School before the Gymnasium was added on.


Baker Wegehaupt & Co
Seated from left J. Beck Sr.,
B Fitzmeier, A.Misterek,
O. Schmidt, Sr, A. Ruff
Behind the bar:
Walt & Mary Pirner
Blacksmith Emil Jerke Herb Will, E. Misterek,
Paul C. Misterek (?)
 in Delmont Hardware
Onion House Onion House

Haisch Building after
a Winter Storm

Dick's Market
Opera Block as a Hardware
Store. Notice the fire hydrant at the right.
Hotel Douglas
Haisch Block
Choteau Creek
Methodist Church

Haisch Block where Delmont Steakhouse stands



Main Street looking west.
Large building in front is
No Place Steakhouse.
  An Early Ballgame
in Delmont

Devine Drugstore in foreground..Owner: T.H. Divine
Delmont Main Street
Looking West

One of the floats in
a parade down Main
Street (Methodist and Zion Lutheran in background)


Delmont's Depot
Zion Lutheran Church
Hope Lutheran Church Farmer's Elevator
with depot in distance.

Alfred Wentzel and the
new fangled tractor
    Former Serola
Schneider home

LW Chevy Garage Notice the gas pumps in front.          Louie Bogenhagen on right

Delmont Elevator

Carl Shaffer and
Brian Doyle

Back Row L-R: Paul Misterck, T. Wieland and family, John Hoe..., Front Row: Frank Reier, E. Hell..., Wm. Dahlman, A Wesketer, Barney Hand, Wallace Waldak-Station Agent-Bob Hutchinson, Carl Sandel.
Louie Goldmammer, Erhart Welk, Ed Jurczewsky,  Hans Beehler

The Strid School
The Children in front
of the Strid school
1916 souvenir page from Strid School

After the parade.
The band is gong home in foreground.
G. Breitbach store,
Methodist Church,
Zion Church in background
Before 1903


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